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How Open-mindedness is Taught at D-PREP

How Open-mindedness is Taught at D-PREP

Albert Einstein once said, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” These days, it’s not enough that children know how to solve logical problems. They must also be capable of working with others and coming up with creative solutions to unique problems. This creativity, however, requires one important trait: Open-mindedness.

Co-creator open minded

What is open-mindedness?

Being open-minded means that one is receptive to new ideas and experiences. An open-minded person welcomes change and is open to revising outdated or incorrect beliefs. They are also inquisitive and actively search for new information that may challenge their current beliefs.  

Technology and the internet have helped connect us to others worldwide. People from other sides of the globe can now communicate with each other without leaving the comfort of their homes. While this is viewed as a positive impact that innovation has brought us, it also comes with its challenges. Being able to talk to people from all walks of life also means we have to be more open-minded than ever. No matter our age, gender, religion, or race, we have to recognize and respect others’ beliefs and practices.

Open-minded people accept change. Because of this, they’re able to gain valuable insights and become more adaptable to new stimuli. People who are open-minded are also more mentally strong and likely to achieve personal growth. This is precisely why at D-PREP International School, we highly value open-mindedness and inculcate it into our students’ learning and activities. 

How does D-PREP teach students to be open-minded?

Open-mindedness is a challenging value to apply in our daily lives as it requires us to face and welcome the unfamiliar. The process is uncomfortable, which is why D-PREP’s Science Teacher, Mr. Ramon, teaches his students this value by creating a safe space where children can practice open-mindedness without fear.

D-PREP teacher Mr. Ramon

“When I teach, I create this safety with the kids so that they are willing to try. If you create a safety net within your classroom where it’s okay for them to make mistakes and they’re not judged by their mistakes, then they’ll be more open-minded about whatever activity you want them to try. Even saying an answer out loud could be challenging and out of the comfort zone for certain students,” Mr. Ramon said.

D-PREP Teacher Ms. Mandy

D-PREP’s Chinese Teacher, Ms. Mandy, teaches open-mindedness differently by being honest with her students. For her, learning is a never-ending process, and there is always something to learn from others, even from her own students.

“I always encourage my students to learn from each other. I make myself an example by telling them, ‘You guys learn Chinese from me, and I learn Thai culture and even other languages from you,’” Ms. Mandy shared.

D-PREP Teacher Ms. Kimberly

One of the main benefits of being open-minded is that one learns how to adjust to a different environment. D-PREP’s new Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher, Ms. Kimberly, explained that she practices open-mindedness by meditating and being aware of her own biases. She also teaches her students to get rid of negative biases by holding group activities where students work together to solve a problem. 

“Sometimes they have completely different ideas of how to work on something together. I let them know that both can be correct and to have open and respectful communication with one another,” Ms. Kimberly said. 

How do students apply open-mindedness at school?

Putting oneself in a new environment is uncomfortable, but it is something that D-PREP students constantly do especially in their fieldwork and day-to-day activities. We’re proud to say that with the guidance of our teachers, students are applying the value of open-mindedness in their lives. 

D-PREP Student Pipe

For Grade 8 student Pipe, open-mindedness is listening to people’s ideas even when you don’t agree with them. He constantly applies this value in school and at home.

“At school, I listen to my classmates and teacher’s ideas. At home, I listen to my parents and sisters,” Pipe said.

D-PREP Student Claire

Claire, a Grade 4 student, also shared that she practices open-mindedness in her day-to-day life. She applies this value by being a good listener.

“Open-mindedness means listening to other people’s opinions. I listen to my friends’ and teachers’ opinions. At home, I listen to my parents,” Claire said. 

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