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How D-PREP Teaches Courageousness at School

How D-PREP Teaches Courageousness at School

D-PREP International School prides itself on being a school that focuses on experiential learning. We want students to not only be good academically but also adaptable to real-life situations. To do that, we implement the “Co-Creator” values in our teaching style.

Courageous D-PREP Co-creator

Every month, we choose one of our values as the main theme. For the month of August, we chose the first “C” in Co-Creators which stands for “Courageous.”

What does it mean to be Courageous?

Courage means being able to do something challenging even when there is a potential risk. Despite opposition, courageous people think and act on what they believe is correct. 

Courage is often mixed up with bravery. However, these two words are completely different. Bravery is a trait, and brave people who see a dangerous situation immediately react and take action without thinking. Courage, on the other hand, is seeing and understanding that a situation is scary, and acting on it anyway. It is being bold and speaking up even when we know that not everyone will agree.

In D-PREP, we invite students to be courageous. Courage is a leadership quality, and we want to influence students to think like a leader that is proactive, compassionate, and responsible.

How does D-PREP teach students to be courageous?

Teaching students to be courageous is no easy task, and our D-PREP teachers take on the challenge every day to show students how to be courageous.

D-PREP Grade 2-A Teacher Mr. Wayne

Grade 2-A Homeroom Teacher, Mr. Wayne, has a unique view of teaching this value to his students. For him, students need someone who inspires them to take on difficult tasks. Kids don’t need long, boring lectures on courageousness. Sometimes they just need someone who believes in them and tells them that they are strong and capable.

“I help them along to be brave and face challenges with a positive “I can do it” attitude,” Mr. Wayne said.

D-PREP Nursery Teacher Ms. Racha

Teaching Nursery students is an entirely different level. Nursery A Teacher, Ms. Racha, explains that kids as young as four years old cannot entirely grasp the concept of being courageous. She teaches them to be courageous by being a role model that kids can follow.

She also talks to them about her fears and how she overcomes them, which gives the young students an understanding of how courageousness can be applied in their daily lives. 

“If they see you doing something, they will do it. As a teacher, I always try to be the best example I can,” she said.

D-PREP Nursery teacher Ms. Lyndi

Ms. Lyndi, also a Nursery Teacher, agrees that it’s challenging to be courageous, but she is proud of her students for choosing to show up despite being in an entirely different environment. 

“Just imagine your whole world has just been your mom, dad, grandparents, and maybe some other family members and suddenly here you are in a new environment. I think that takes a lot of courage, especially when they come back on the second day,” she said. 

For Ms. Lyndi, being a good example is difficult because no one is perfect. Still, it is a responsibility that she has taken on herself as an educator who can impact the lives of the children in the classroom. 

How do D-PREP students apply courageousness at school?

Being courageous is easier said than done, and we at D-PREP are proud to say that our students have been constantly practicing this value at school. Here’s how our students do it:

D-PREP Grade 5 Student Alin

Alin, Grade 5

Grade 5 Student, Alin, may look like a shy girl at first glance, but after talking to her, you’ll notice that she is a courageous student. Alin applies courageousness at school by signing up as a class representative. For her, taking on a leadership role encourages one to step out of their comfort zone and take on responsibility.  To be a leader means making sound and sometimes difficult decisions for a group. Alin inspires and motivates others to do better by setting an example.  

“For me, going in representative meetings was scary because there were people that I did not know or was scared of talking to, but it taught me to be courageous,” Alin said.

D-PREP Grade 6 Student Aya

Aya, Grade 6

Aya is a Grade 6 Student with a friendly smile. When asked about what courage means for her, she said that being courageous is facing your fears and doing something new. She constantly applies this value in school by saying yes to opportunities where she can talk to a group of people in public.

“Sometimes we have to talk in front, maybe go on stage and talk. It can be something small like meeting a new student and saying hello to them. We get to practice courage a lot in school, and I think it’s a good way to be braver,” Aya said.

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