Halloween Celebration

Grade 3 and 4 students performance

At the end of October, D-PREP celebrated Halloween with enchanting performance, fun-filled games, vibrant trick or treating stations, ravishing costumes, and decorations all under the theme of “Literacy Characters”.

Halloween Dance Performances

The Halloween Celebration started with the student’s dance performances from each grade level. Fifth Graders, JJ and Neutron, were the emcees for the show. All grades performed hard hitting performances that captivated the audience and brought liveliness on stage.

The students from Grade 5 and 6 recited spooky Halloween poems in between several performances. This year, the students were challenged to vigorous choreography. Their music and dance were introduced to them two weeks before the show.

Even before the rehearsal process began, the students got vote for the music they wanted to dance to. They were also challenged to use their time wisely to learn, memorize, and refine the choreography.

In the rehearsal process, the students were given a chance to propose suggestions that would strengthen their performance. It was not an easy process because some movements demanded a lot of time to learn.

Although, it brought out perseverance and drive from students, some students would give up their 15 minutes recess time just to rehease.

Trick or Treat with D-PREP Families

Halloween Festivities

The Halloween Celebration continued on with games for parents and the students on stage. Vibrant laughter filled the school as the students and parents took on Halloween games like ‘Pin a Face on a Pumpkin’ and ‘Mummy Tissues Wrap’.

To end the Halloween Festivities, the students went on an adventurous trick-or-treating trail with their parents and friends. Each trick or treating station had yummy treats and were accessorized with festive Halloween decorations.

By the end of the day, the students’ Halloween bags were filled with treats, and their hearts filled with joy from all the Halloween Festivities.


The first D-PREP News for this School Year was showcased on Halloween. D-PREP News is a platform where the students report and talk about the different events and happenings of each quarter.

Student volunteers are given a chance to report on school events and they get to experience what it’s like to be a news anchor and reporter. The Students are given new scripts to read, and they are filmed in the studio or in the school premises.

They also get to interview other students and teachers on certain topics or events.

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