Fieldwork: Grade 5 and 6 at The Backyard Camp Ratchaburi

Dear Parents,

The Grade 5/6 trip is off to a fantastic start!  Students arrived at the camp at about noon and started off with a delicious lunch.  Post lunch, students were surprised by a group challenge.  They sat in a circle and were presented with the idea that these 3 days are an opportunity to explore their personal relationship with their own leadership skills and to become more individually self-managed and self-directed as a group.  Their first challenge for this would be to scout the area and decide where to set up the tents and then to learn how to assemble the tents and set up the entire camp with minimal adult help.  Mr. Javier served as the safety officer and had to approve any plan they presented.  Students did a very good job with this, at times experiencing some amount of struggle, but eventually learning that the more they cooperated and worked together the more successful they were.  In the end, they set up almost all the tents and arranged the entire camp through their own collaboration and self-management as a group.

After the camp was set up, students engaged in a series of team-building activities and low ropes elements with Mr. Bee and the staff of the Backyard.  Students did a series of challenges and initiatives that required them to work together and overcome their fears.  Students were well taken care of by the staff at the camp, including safety gear, such as harnesses and helmets, whenever necessary.  After a fantastic dinner, students had a shower, got their tent assignments, and prepared for their night walk activity.  It has been a wonderful day, full of fun and adventure, so we are sure that everyone will sleep well tonight!  We will update everyone again tomorrow.

Event Date: November 30 – December 3, 2020