Grade 4 embarked on a Help The Homeless Project

Grade 4 embarked on a Help The Homeless Project where they collaborated with the Bangkok Community Help. They spent hours writing notes of encouragement, helping to pack food into containers, sorting donated items, and preparing vegetables for future meals. The students travelled with the leaders of Bangkok Community Help out to the Victory Momument area to personally hand out food to Thai people who are in need. It was such an emotional moment as some of the people who received the food packages opened up the notes of encouragement and started to tear up. Many were smiling when reading the notes. The people the students helped looked at the students in amazement of their contribution.

Later that day, the students continued their experience with a very fun sleepover night at the school. They made s’mores, roasted marshmallows with chocolate and biscuits, around a camp fire and enjoyed every bite of it. They reflected on the Help the Homeless experience and shared how proud they feel after seeing the people they helped so happy. They told ghost stories and sang some fun songs together before bed time. The next morning, they played really fun team building games to develop even stronger relationships between the students.