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25 May 2024

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Friendship and How We Organize Ourselves

Friendship and How We Organize Ourselves

Kindergarten 1 students at Tops Supermarket with Mr. Chip
Kindergarten 1 students at Tops Supermarket with Mr. Chip

For the first unit of inquiry, our Kindergarten 1 class decided to explore the different projects of King Rama IX.

After showing the students many different projects of the late King and brainstorming. K1 decided they were very interested in growing plants and finding out more about what plants need to live.

Our first step was to look at the parts of the plant. We did this by introducing time-lapse videos of plants growing.

These videos could be paused so they could ask questions. Next, the students put their knowledge to paper.

They were asked to cut and paste the different parts of the plant. They had to identify the first letter of each word and find the corresponding spot to paste it to.

K1 then explored seeds. We looked at different types of seed. Some are big, some are small and there are different colors.

K1 used seeds for many different things. They used them in their art for decorating, math for counting and literacy classes as well.

The next step was to actually grow the plant. The class brainstormed about what materials we would need to grow a plant.

After, we put it all together and grew our plants.

K1 then was tasked with taking care of their new plants. The students talked about what was needed for all life to occur. Water, sun, food, and air are what we came up with.

During the plant’s growth, the students documented the growth of the plants in their seed journals. Each day we would discuss the changes we observed, review vocabulary, and try to predict growth for the next day.

Kindergarten 1 students at Tops Supermarket with Mr. Chip-2

The students expressed interest in seeing where different plants go when they leave the farm. K1 decided that a trip to the grocery store would be a good place to see where these plants go and where we buy them.

We went to Tops Supermarket in Mega Bangna.

The next step was to use the raw food we bought to make some sort of product. K1 chose to make smoothies and ice popsicles.

The final step was to share our creations with classmates and the teaching staff at D-PREP. The Kindergarten 1 class was able to explore these areas of inquiry during our project:

  1. Basics of plant life and growing plants.
  2. Ways in which we are connected as a community.
  3. Ways we can help and give back to our community and environment

Overall, the students were able to see the King’s teachings and examples of growing rice and other foods, and were able to give back to their own community.

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