Teams at D-PREP

It is a joy to see the excitement of our students every day, before and during their after-school lessons.

It has been only a month since we started our after-school clubs and teams at D-PREP, and I am convinced that all the D-PREP teams have improved a lot in this short period.

DANCE TEAM with Kru Prae & GYMNASTICS TEAM with Coach Chip
With thirteen students currently, the team is starting to develop the strength and flexibility necessary for these two activities. Through games, choreographies, and drills, our future cheerleading team is beginning to develop skills like forward rolling or cartwheels.

With one meeting per week, our curious design thinkers are doing great! They had a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) challenge and followed the design process to create the tallest freestanding structure.

Students had constraints and criteria while building. They worked together in small groups to make their design and solved the design challenge.

Primary Student Swim Team

SWIM TEAM with Coach Javier
Focused on the strokes of freestyle and backstroke; the students are working on improving their level of stamina. Every training has a more significant load of work (more meters to swim) and more intensity than the previous one. The eight D-PREP swimmers are making substantial improvements with the target of changing the venue for our training to ASB Green Valley for the second semester.

SOCCER TEAM with Coach Simon (PSG Academy) & Coach Javier
Our soccer team consists of 2 levels, U9 (9 years old and under) and U13 (13 years old and under). Both teams are enhancing their skills with Coach Simon (from Paris Saint-Germain Academy) on Wednesdays and with Coach Javier on Fridays.

While the U9 team is developing skills like driving and stopping the ball, the U13 has started to work on some real game action beginning with some small matches.

DEBATE TEAM with Ms. Donna
For the last three weeks, the newly formed debate team has been learning about the basic elements of the debate, from the resolution to the judgment. Students have been participating in mini activities, such as Ummm-errr, The Secret Jar, and Quick Fire.

Chosen topics are those that are familiar to the students, in order to make it interesting, while also being something that they can easily relate to.

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