D-PREP Annual Art Auction

Each year at D-Prep we hold an art auction to celebrate the children’s creativity and achievements in the visual arts.

Each grade produces two artworks, themed around their learning in visual arts or from other subject areas.

The students plan and collaborate with each other, guided by the art teacher to create their group artworks.

The art auction gives students a chance to combine techniques and art making processes to create a fully realised artwork, culminating in a showcase to parents and peers whilst also raising money for a good cause.

This year students showcased a wide range of artistic

mediums, from traditional canvas paintings to textile arts, such as batik and tie-dye.

Nursery and K-1 students utilised stencils to carefully paint their canvases along with learning how to create patterned paper effects, such as marbling.

Kindergarten 2 took inspiration from Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock to create two colourful artworks that demonstrated their learning about primary and secondary colours along with the mixing of tints and shades.

Grade 1 students took the theme of cycles and seasons from their unit of inquiry to create paintings based on the seasons of Fall and Spring.

Each class also learnt

about the importance of recycling and caring for our planet, creating upcycled shopping bags from donated clothes and scrap materials.

Grade 2 created two mixed media artworks, combining their learning about patterns and visual rhythm with their learning of different cultures.

Taking influence from the Brazilian Pop artist Romero Britto, the students created a mixed media collage called ‘PB&J’.

The collage depicted the taosist symbol of yin and yang made from contrasting patterned paper.

The students said they chose the name ‘PB&J’ because like the food it’s made from many contrasting layers.

N2A students working on the painting for the D-PREP Annual Art Auction
N2A students working on the painting for the D-PREP Annual Art Auction

The Grade 3/4 class looked at the beauty of rocks and minerals for their inspiration.

Whilst learning about different rocks and their uses in their Unit of Inquiry, they realised that many rocks have beautiful patterns.

They created their painting ‘Island in the Ocean’ based on the patterns of agate stone.

Using acrylic paint on canvas they mixed up different shades, tints, and tones of blue and yellow to mimic the pattern they observed in agate stone samples.

Finally Grade 5/6 created a large group landscape painting, inspired by the artworks of David Hockney.

Students created observational drawings as the starting point of this painting, depicting the park behind the school.

They then experimented with contrasting colours and various tools to create the different textures of the flowers, trees, and grass observed in the park.

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