Design Thinking: What is the Fuss about?

Culture of Innovation within classrooms

People love to talk about innovations especially tech-based innovations; the computing power of an iPhone is a million times more powerful than the computers that helped put the first man on the moon!

How did they manage such a feat? We love innovations, as we see them as glimpses that will change humanity, but the problem is organizations don’t have a clue on the process that goes behind effectively solving a problem. Design thinking demystifies the process of innovation by shifting the focus from the end product to the non-linear & chaotic process.

It breaks the illusion that it takes a genius to come up with a life-changing idea; the biggest technological breakthroughs aren’t the idea of one person; it is the ability to build on the ideas of many. Design thinking discourages individual competition over collaboration & celebrates failures.

Students trained in design thinking don’t think in problems, they think in options. The more options the more chances you will eliminate many to find the most efficient one.

Design Thinking Quote

The faster you fail, the faster you learn. With the start-up culture, most young minds fail, as they aren’t trained to thrive in an environment of chaos or fully embrace the ‘learn as you go’ mentality.

As the world progresses, working with machines & AI, we need to hone in on skills that make humans unique as that is the ability to survive through design, innovation & change.

The culture of innovation is what we plan to curate at D-prep, not just through focused genius or wonder hour programs but through cross-curricular design challenges.

Here are some glimpses of what that would look like:

Children testing their prototypes with visually challenged users
Children testing their prototypes with visually challenged users

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