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25 May 2024

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D-PREP Welcomes New Principal, Mr. Bob

D-PREP Welcomes New Principal, Mr. Bob

As a new academic year starts, the D-PREP community would like to bid farewell to our dear school principal, Ms. Amy Marx. Ms. Amy served D-PREP as an inspirational principal for two years. She was a dedicated educator who largely contributed to the school’s vision and core values of resilience and adaptability. Being a good leader to the students and the teachers is no easy task, and we commend her for the positive influence and system that she brought to the school.

Thank you, Ms. Amy

Before joining D-PREP, Ms. Amy had over 20 years of international experience in education and school leadership. She believed in the significance of experiential learning and nurturing students to be passionate and curious. Ms. Amy brought her experiential learning style to D-PREP during her time as school principal by creating a learning environment that inspired discovery and change. She also encouraged students to expand their views to make the world more inclusive and sustainable.

As members of a school that values family and culture, we acknowledge her request to spend her leave with her elderly parents. We wish Ms. Amy the best for her family and future endeavors.

Welcome to D-PREP Mr. Bob

When one door closes, another opens, and it is with great pleasure that we welcome Mr. Robert (Bob) Jackson as the new school principal starting this academic year 2022-2023. Mr. Bob has been working in the education sector for over 25 years and has extensive experience in educational leadership. He was also part of the Ontario Principals’ Council, where he trained principals in literacy and numeracy instruction for 14 years. After working as a principal in Ontario, Mr. Bob continued serving educators worldwide by providing international leadership courses and sharing his knowledge. He has worked with educators from Peru, Brazil, South Africa, China, Qatar, and more.

Mr. Bob holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Queen’s University and Certification from the Principal’s Qualification Program from Ontario College of Teachers, Canada. He believes every school is a learning organization and that educators must constantly learn, adapt, and grow to provide students with the best education possible. He is committed to sharing his experience and international teaching techniques to enhance the learning experience in D-PREP.

The D-PREP community is looking forward to the coming academic school year, and we welcome this transition from one dedicated, inspirational leader to another experienced and highly qualified leader. We also look forward to a future full of innovation, creativity, and holistic growth.

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