D-PREP Students Meet and Learn About Exotic Animals

D-PREP student touching a snake

Millions of wild animals are captured annually for use in the pet trade. Unable to survive new environments, some die during capture. To spread awareness about exotic animals, D-PREP International School invited professionals with exotic animals into the school.

D-PREP nursery students looking at snake
Primary year student holding a sand snake
D-PREP student holding spider skin

Among the exotic animals were turtles, snakes, scorpions, spiders, and a parrot. The students learned about where the animals came from, what they ate, and how to care for them.

Soft-shelled turtle at dprep
Scorpion at dprep

To make the experience more exciting, the professionals taught the students how to handle the animals safely and allowed them to hold the exotic animals. We’re proud to say many of our students showed courageousness and even volunteered to carry them!

Students holding a snake
D-PREP middle school students looking at milk snake