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25 May 2024

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D-PREP Sports Day

D-PREP Sports Day

On Friday the 15th of February our annual Sports Day took place at D-Prep International school with Nursery , kindergarten and Grade events taking place.

The sun shone brightly as the children gathered for an energetic warm up . Thank you to Miss Kim , Mr. Lewis and Miss Tanya for leading the warm up, which left children and parents in high spirits to start the carousel of activities. The children demonstrated co-ordination, skill and great teamwork to complete the activities.

Sports Day - Dragon House
Sports Day – Dragon House
Sports Day - Griffin House
Sports Day – Griffin House

The excitement grew throughout the morning with each event and activities. There was great encouragement and praise from all children in their teams, as they cheered each other on.

Sports Day - Unicorn House
Sports Day – Unicorn House

The school values were demonstrated throughout the day as the children showed respect for each other’s abilities, with a positive attitude towards the activities and celebrated their achievements.

Sports Day - Phoenix House
Sports Day – Phoenix House

We would like to thank all parents and staff for taking part in the races, you were great sports and the children were very proud of your efforts.

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