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15 May 2024

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D-PREP School Honors King Rama 9: A Special Day of Tribute

D-PREP School Honors King Rama 9: A Special Day of Tribute

Last October 12, students, teachers, and parents came together for a special celebration to remember and honor the life and works of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, or as many lovingly call him, King Rama 9.

The first thing you would have noticed when you arrived at D-PREP was yellow. Everywhere you looked, people were wearing yellow shirts and dresses. Yellow is a color that symbolizes respect and love for their beloved king.

Ms. Lady talking to the D-PREP Community
D-PREP School Director, Ms. Lady, giving a speech to the community

The gathering took place at the Dream Building, where everyone came together to pay their respects. It was heartwarming to see students, teachers, and parents standing side by side, all with the same purpose – to honor King Rama 9.

The students confidently stepped up to the stage and spoke about King Bhumibol, telling everyone about the wonderful things he did for Thailand. They talked about how he dedicated his life to making Thailand a better place for everyone. Their speeches were full of gratitude and respect for a king who had worked tirelessly for his people.

D-PREP students and staff paying respects to king rama 9
Grade 9 student Marc giving a speech

After the speeches, the students sang a song dedicated to King Rama 9. A video followed, showing the incredible contributions of King Bhumibol to Thailand. The video reminded everyone of the king’s inspiring efforts to improve the lives of the Thai people and teach them how to live in harmony with the environment. 

The day ended with a lovely surprise. Parents were invited into their children’s classrooms, where they saw all the hard work and creativity their kids had put into their studies throughout the semester. It was a unique opportunity for parents to connect with their children’s learning and see how much they had grown.

Nursery student selling plants they made in class
Students showing their projects to their parents
Grade 6 student, Dani, talking about fractions to parents
Student showing his work to his mom

It was truly a day that showed the D-PREP community’s strength and unity and a wonderful way to end the first semester. See you next semester!

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