D-PREP Promotes Love of Reading Through School Book Fair

D-PREP bookfair

As a school that aims to nurture holistic development in our students, D-PREP International School holds annual book fairs to promote and encourage the love of reading. This year’s book fair was held last September 26-27 at the Discover building. 

There are many benefits to reading. Instilling the love of reading in your children gives them a head start on learning new vocabulary and becoming more confident with their use of words. Reading also teaches them about different aspects of life in the comfort and safety of their homes. Lastly, reading exposes children to different styles and genres of writing which will give them an advantage at school.

D-PREP students at bookfair
D-PREP student reading

To help instill this love of reading and promote diversity, D-PREP sourced books from Asia Books, the largest English-language bookseller in Thailand. They were also sold with a special 10 percent discount for the D-PREP community. 

Asia Books in D-PREP

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