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20 March 2024

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D-PREP Halloween: Celebrating With Funny Costumes and a New NGO

D-PREP Halloween: Celebrating With Funny Costumes and a New NGO

In the spirit of Halloween, D-PREP International School held a celebration last November 3 with unique costumes, great performances, and fun games.

D-PREP girls halloween costumes
D-PREP students halloween costumes
D-PREP teachers minion costume halloween

This year’s theme is Funny Halloween, where students were encouraged to dress up in funny costumes. The event started with opening remarks from the school principal, Mr. Bob, and student council president, Jessica, followed by presentations from the Nursery, Kindergarten 1-2, and Grade 1-2 students.

Ghost kid halloween D-PREP

The dance team from grade 3 also performed, followed by an entertaining K-pop dance from the grade 3-8 students that garnered loud cheers from the crowd.

D-PREP K-pop performance

After the morning performances, the parents and students went trick or treating and walked through the haunted house meticulously decorated by the school staff and student council. You could say it was a hauntingly fun experience!

D-PREP halloween afternoon games
D-PREP Halloween haunted tunnel

After the trick or treat, students and parents were greeted by Middle School students and members of the student council at the Discover building with carnival fundraiser games. All proceeds from the games will go to the school’s non-governmental organization (NGO), the Fresh Hope Foundation. D-PREP’s middle school students founded this NGO to help the homeless by providing shelter and food. 

The Halloween afternoon event was even more exciting as we saw performances from our older students, grades 3-5, and talent shows from the middle school bands and dance teams. 

D-PREP middle school band halloween

The day officially ended with closing remarks from the student council president, Jessica. We thank everyone for joining and wholeheartedly supporting our students and new NGO. Happy Halloween!

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