D-PREP Coffee Hour Discusses SLFC and New Grading System

Ms. Lady talking coffee hour

At D-PREP, our regular coffee hours are designed for parents to discover more about how we teach, learn and support our students and their development.

Our third coffee hour was separated into two sessions. The first is for Nursery to Grade 5 parents; the second is for Middle School parents. 

Nursery to Grade 5

Parents looking at coffee hour speaker
Parents listening to coffee hour

Following on from our topic at coffee hour 2 on assessment, the focus this time was on student-led family conferences (SLFC).  Ms. Lady, Mr. Bob, and Ms. Maricar led this session in which parents were able to learn more about what an SLFC is, why we do these conferences and the revised format of the conferences. In the second half of this session, we shared tips on how parents can get the most out of their child’s SLFC and importantly help with what questions you can ask your child during the conference. 

We finished this session by talking about parent-teacher meetings.  We shared how to get the most out of these meetings and what types of questions parents can ask the teacher when discussing these reports. 

Middle School

Ms. Lady and Mr. Bob
SLFC coffee hour

The middle school session was split into two parts. First, an overview of the revised format of the student-led family conferences (SLFC).  Following this a discussion about the revised report card format. 

The academic year 2022-2023 saw changes in assessment as we transition to the reporting of individual subject standards-based grading within the middle school.  This change was implemented to help prepare students for this expectation in high school. 

During this coffee hour, Ms. Lady, Mr. Bob, and Ms. Marciar shared with parents our new template for our end-of-semester grade reports. We shared an update to the assessment of Life Skills and our Co-creators values. This was followed by an introduction to power standards, what these are, and how they relate to individual assessments and to students’ subject scores, and the grade point average for the semester.