D-PREP Celebrates Mother’s Day

Mother hugging her daughter on mother's day at D-PREP

In a heartwarming display of reverence and unity, D-PREP International School recently celebrated Mother’s Day with an event that paid homage to Queen Sirikit, the Queen Mother, and all the mothers in the D-PREP community.

The day started with a sense of unity as the school grounds and everyone who attended wore light blue in respect to Queen Sirikit. The event then opened with a speech by School Director Ms. Lady, who set the tone for the day’s festivities. Being a mother herself, Ms. Lady talked about a parent’s unconditional love and how mothers will always love their children no matter what they do or don’t do.

Pleng, Ms. Lady, and Jessica sing for the audience during mother's day

The speech was then followed by a song by two talented students, Jessica and Pleng, and Ms. Lady herself. Their rendition was a powerful blend that left the audience captivated.

D-PREP parents with their middle school children
D-PREP parents with new middle school students

The pinnacle of the event was next as the students took to the stage to honor their mothers with a “Wai” before giving them garlands and handmade cards.

D-PREP mothers with their middle school sons
D-PREP parents with their children from the Early Years Department

The celebration concluded on a note of gratitude as parents, especially mothers, as they went home with big smiles on their faces. We want to thank everyone who attended, and for all mothers near and far, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!