D-PREP Guiding Beliefs

Interconnectedness of all things

  • Investigation into how every element, object, animal and human being is connected to an dependent on one another in a myriad of ways
  • How our actions affect others and produces a continued wave of effects in ways we may or may not realize

Living in the Present and in Balance

  • Investigation into what happens when we are able to genuinely accept the situations as they occur and to become aware of reality vs. our expectation
  • Reflection on why it is essential to be in tune with the present and the sense of fulfillment arises from living in the present
  • Intention to live a wholesome, balanced lifestyle mentally, emotionally, and physically

Living in the Present and in Balance

  • Investigation into how diversity makes the world an interesting and exciting place and how different people, cultures, and ideas contribute to the diversity in our world
  • An appreciation for diversity encourages students to feel safe to be their authentic selves in our learning community
  • Reflection on inclusiveness: we are all more the same than we are different