The Four Domains in Life Skills

Our D-PREP Life Skills curriculum is a unique curriculum created at our school that integrates four domains. This starts with self understanding, develops to social understanding. The next stage is livelihood, followed by active citizenship. The D-PREP vision elements of Dream, Discover, and Deliver, our CO-CREATORS values, and life truths support each domain.

D-PREP – Life Skills Framework

Students develop strategies such as practicing mindfulness and self-awareness, emotional regulation through carrying out social experiments and hands on learning activities. This supports students as they develop our D-PREP values of courage, openness, compassion, resilience, ethical, adaptability, thankfulness, optimism, respect and self-awareness.

Students are also taught about the science behind the brain’s neurological processes and engage in observations and discussions regarding the connection of the brain’s physiological make up and how it affects our ability to regulate ourselves.

Our life skills curriculum also includes the practice of creative and analytical thinking skills to plan their life both at and beyond school as well as practical life skills that would be needed in all careers such as presentation and public speaking skills.

The ultimate  goal of life skills is to help students experience their own inner power and the realization that they are more than capable of creating their own realities and achieving successful livelihood.

They will also realize that the joy and success of co-creating together is far more meaningful and valuable than that of individual success alone.