D-Prep Learner Profile

Investigation about the importance of being aware and truthful to our feelings, our strengths and weaknesses. Practicing constant self-awareness and reflection will help us to distinguish between objective reality as it is and our perceptions and reactions towards situations.

Allows students to be understanding, forgiving, empathetic, acceptance, and respect towards ourselves and others. Being compassionate will guide them to contribute to others, resulting in happier and more fulfilled lives.

Being ethical means that students will be able to distinguish right from wrong and develop values such as fairness, equality, honesty, authenticity, loyalty and virtue. If students are ethical, they will be able to make the right decisions for the greater good in face of difficulty.

To succeed at anything or overcome any adversity in their lives, students will need to have resilience which means that they will be able to effectively handle more challenges and uncertainty in their lives.

Being courageous means that students are risk takers who are able to face their own fears or doubts and still move towards what they believes in, ultimately inspiring themselves and others who work with them.

Being flexible will allow students to be open-minded and effectively adapt their perspectives and behavior in order to act appropriately in different situations.

Being disciplined means having a high level of self-responsibility and having an orderly system of thinking and behaving.

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February 27, 2019