D-Prep Educational Framework

Interconnectedness of all things

Investigation into how every element, object, animal and human being is connected to and dependent on one another in a myriad of ways. How our actions affect others and produces a continued wave of effects in ways we may or may not realize.

Living in the present in balance

Investigation into what happens when we are able to genuinely accept the situations as they occur and to become aware of the reality vs. our expectation. Reflecting on why it is essential to be in tune with the present, what sense of fulfillment arises from living in the present and what kind of feelings arise from regretting our past or worrying about the future. Investigation on the importance of living in balance in all areas of living from health to school, to make sure that there is enough of every important element but also not too much of any one area.

Diversity & Universality

Investigation into how diversity makes the world an interesting and better place, how different people and cultures and as well as differing ideas and opinions contribute to our world to make it what it is today. Our concept of diversity encourages students to feel safe to be their authentic selves in our learning community. It is an ongoing inquiry into no matter how we are different, we are all essentially the same.