D-PREP’s curriculum is based on the best international standards and instructional practices from around the globe. 

D-PREP Educational Approach

As a PYP (Primary Years Programme) candidacy school, our Nursery to Grade 5 program is designed through inquiry-based, transdisciplinary Units of Inquiry that explore transferable concepts in our world. 

In our middle grades, Grade 6-8, we continue this experiential learning, through expeditions that connect students learning to real audiences and finding solutions to issues or problems in our world.

Our Nursery to Grade 8 uses the Common Core Standards in English/ Language Arts, the Singapore Standards in Mathematics, the AERO Standards in Science, and the Ontario Standards in Science to guide the development of these units and expeditions.  In Chinese with use the Singapore Standards and in Thai Language the standards for all Thai schools.  In physical education and performing arts we use Ontario Standards as well.

Nursery-Grade 8 Program & Subjects