21st Century Skills

D-Prep 7-Cs

THINK Creatively

- Able to think outside of the box
- Solve problems in new ways
- Unafraid to think differently

REFLECT Critically

- Use logic in thinking with supported evidence
- Constantly reflect on own actions
- Consider multiple perspectives
- Aware of the relative nature of things


- Able to effectively express one’s own thoughts and ideas in writing, speaking & presenting
- Know how to listen to others effectively
- Know how to communicate appropriately in different situations

COLLABORATE Constructively

- Take others into consideration
- Understand the importance of team work
- Willing to compromise

CONTRIBUTE Compassionately

- Be sincere in all our thoughts, words and actions
- Have both self-compassion and compassion for others
- Contribute meaningful service to others

LEARN Curiously

- Develop an inner desire to learn
- Believe in one’s own potential as a learner
- Believe in lifelong learning
- Know how to learn from anyone or any situation

LIVE Consciously

- Aware of one’s thoughts, feelings and actions
- Engage in constant self-reflection
- Follow code of ethics
- Follow a balanced lifestyle with mental, emotional and physical stability
- Be authentic in one’s identity