21st Century Skills to Develop

Children today are in more than ever to develop 21st century skills in order to successfully and happily thrive in today’s modern world. Technology has drastically changed how society functions and has largely impacted the modern lifestyle. This rapidly changing world although challenging brings with it so many opportunities for children today. They can end up not just enjoying their hobbies but can have careers or get their education degree completely online. However, with changing times comes a need for new life skills that will enable them to successfully navigate in this changing world.

Skill # 1: Learn Curiously

Children today need to develop an inner desire to learn and a belief in their own potential as a learner. This will ensure that they will be lifelong learners. They need to be able to develop the skill to learn from all people, places, and situations that happen in their lives. Learning curiously is a skill that will always be essential because it will cultivate lifelong happiness and excitement in their lives.

Skill # 2: Think Creatively

To be able to think outside of the box will enable for old problems to be solved in new ways. Albert Einstein said “Stupidity is doing the same thing but expecting different results. The ability to think differently will allow children today to stand out from the crowd and come up with innovations in thinking, doing, creating, and living in a world of fierce competition in every field.

Skill # 3: Reflect Critically

If children can reflect on their actions, thoughts, and feelings with a critical mind, they will be able to self-assess realistically and effectively. Only when they have the courage and the skill to critically self-reflect will they be able to develop a true understanding of themselves, others, and the world they live in.

Skill # 4: Communicate Effectively

Communicating effectively includes not only reading, writing, or speaking so that others can effectively understand them. It is also about developing the skills to listen to others wholeheartedly without preconceived notions about what the other party is saying. Communicating effectively is also about being able to publicly present oneself through words, personal image, body gestures and to communicate genuine messages to others.

Skill # 5: Collaborate Constructively

There is hardly any task, project, or career in today’s world that can be accomplished single-handedly. The greater the task, the more people will be involved. The collaboration may take place face-to-face, online, or a combination of means but collaborating constructively will ensure that children are able to access the tremendous benefits and power of teamwork.

Skill # 6: Contribute Compassionately

In this world of increasing complexity and materialism, learning to contribute compassionately to others will help to ensure that the world will continue to become a better place for children and future generations. If children learn to truly care about others and the world they live in, they will be a significant force in alleviating others’ suffering and make efforts to save the animals and environment that is in so much danger from human beings as a whole.

Skill # 7: Live Consciously

Living consciously is about living with the right values, right life understanding and right awareness. Living consciously is the main key in helping children today stay grounded in the midst of rapidly accelerating change. If children live consciously, they will be able to stay true to themselves and be able to handle any difficult life challenge that they may encounter in their lives.